Hebrew Language Faculty (HLF)
is the part of The Center for Natural Studies (CNS) with headquarter in United States of America. Our intention is to provide education combining the laws of didactics and methodic and newest science discoveries in area of studying Hebrew language. We strongly believe that students with this program of education will get high level of knowledge and be more than able to master the techniques and principles of translating from Hebrew language and back, methodic of teaching and to learn more about Hebrew literature, history and tradition…Our goal is to create a constant growing network of associates who will provide the best possible education to interested parties.
The Center for Natural Studies is established in 2004. in Sacramento, California, USA, and by the end of 2008. they started with realization of the HLF.
They started by choosing a quality educational methods and materials with a help from world*s best experts in the field of Hebrew language and literature, history, linguistics, culture, translating and similar. By doing all that they were able to provide a high quality of education to all students and all interested parties. With centers in most of the countries of former Yugoslavia, CNS has become one of the leading institutions in Balkan promoting healthy and quality way of living, Orthodox learning, theology and Hebrew language. We have published a dozens of books and video materials by worlds best leading experts in field of medicine, theology, biology, sociology and etc. translated in our language with a goal to add many more qualities materials in the future.
Together with technological progress fallowed by modern times that we live in, our strength is focused on expending methods for better and more quality education and providing the access to most important information in area that are linked to Hebrew language and literature.